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Tootsie Roll : to help complaints "roll" off your back
Button : to remind you to sometimes button your lip
Dollar : for the tip you didn't receive
Rubberband : to remind you to be flexible
Mint : because you are worth a mint to your customers
Happy Face (Sticker) : to remind you to keep smiling
Paperclip : to help hold it all together
Cotton Balls : to cushion all the standing you do
Lollipop : to help you "Lick" anything
Lifesaver : to remind you of the many times you have been a lifesaver
Magic Wand : to help you during the many times you are asked to be a magician
Bandaid : to heal your hurt feelings
Sweet & Sour Tarts : to remind you to appreciate the differences in others.
Gum : to remind you to "stick" with that difficult client
Starburst : to give you that burst of energy at the end of the day
Crayon : to correct that color job
Sand Paper : to smooth out the rough days
Hugs & Kisses : you deserve them

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Compliments of Liss Burnell 1995-2005

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