Mail Carriers Survival Kit


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Created by Paulette of TLC Creations

… put your frustrations, worries and troubles in before you go home
… Cotton cushion your rough roads
*… divert the dogs attention
… Happy remind you that smiling is contagious
… M & remind you that you are "M"arvelous and "M"eaningful
…Mounds Bar...for the mounds of miles you walk
… keep you cool
… help you "cut" out the bad parts of your day
…Snickers remind you to keep your sense of humor
… give you that extra "burst" of energy at the end of your route
… Symphony put some music into your route
…Tootsie help complaints "roll" off your back

P.S....I asked the Postmaster to increase your salary to "$100 GRAND"

and he said that your "CHEX" are in the mail.

©Paulette, 1999 ~ TLC Creations

Compliments of © Liss Burnell 1995-2005

“Digging yourself out of debt when all you have is a spoon!”

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