Lucky Charms Survival Kit
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To Use With Lucky Charms

This special treat is to remind you that I’m glad you are in my class!  Before you eat your treat have someone read this list to you.  Search the bag for the marshmallow shapes hidden inside!  You should find:

*A yellow star---to remind you to always shine!
*A pot of gold---to remind you that you’re worth a million!
*A colorful rainbow---to remind you to promise to always do your best!
*A blue moon---to remind you that once in awhile, we all make mistakes, and
that’s okay!
*A green clover---to give you good luck as you begin first grade!
*A purple horseshoe---to remind you that U matter!
*A red balloon---to remind you to soar above the clouds and try new things.
*And most of all---a pink heart to remind you that as your teacher, I care
about you.

Created By Pam