The Sponge Survival Kit
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The Sponge Survival Kit
- give a small sponge and add this list of uses to the sponge

When in doubt, pull the "sponge" out to:
-wipe away those little and big messes we get ourselves into
-dab off the perspiration from our brow when the heat is on
-wring when a neck is not available
-toss against the wall should we be in the need of having a temper
-rest our head on when a short nap is in order
-pick at instead of pulling our hair out
-to squeeze when a hug is the answer
-to give to a friend when a friend is in need
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Sponge Poem
- this was shared by a member of a craft mailing list, thanks Scottie.
Cut the sponges to look like a little and girl and boy, add the poem,
Children are like sponges
they absorb all your strength
and leave you limp.
But give them a squeeze
and you get it all back.

posted by ericca