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Huge Free Resource of Ideas for Gift in a Jar, Kitchen Mixes, Mug Mixes, Gift Basket Meals, Homemade Cosmetics, Bath & Body Recipes, and preparation Ideas that wont empty your pocketbook! Welcome to KitchenMixGifts , Gift Ideas you can make right in your own Kitchen!
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KitchenMixGifts is the Crafty Half of! 

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Creating Jar Gifts & Gifts from the Kitchen

By Liss Burnell ©2004

     Gifts from the heart & gifts from the kitchen go hand in hand. In this age of consumerism, it's not easy to find that perfect gift for a family member or loved one. If you're tired of spending hours and hours browsing through stores hoping to find a useful gift that won't end up in someone's garage before spring, then look no more.

How do you create Mix Gift? In 4 easy steps.

  1. Choose a Mix Recipe

  2. Choose a Container

  3. Decorate the container, if desired

  4. Add a finish tag.

Liss Burnell – Creator & Designer of, “Digging yourself out of debt when all you have is a spoon” ©2004

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  Kitchen & Jar Gift Ideas  


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