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Huge Free Resource of Ideas for Gift in a Jar, Kitchen Mixes, Mug Mixes, Gift Basket Meals, Homemade Cosmetics, Bath & Body Recipes, and preparation Ideas that wont empty your pocketbook! Welcome to KitchenMixGifts , Gift Ideas you can make right in your own Kitchen!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I can't find any mix recipes to use, what do I do?

  2. How long will the Mix last ?

  3. What are Mug Mixes ?

  4. What kind of Mix recipes should I make? ?

  5. What Size jar do I use ?

  6. Do I have to use a Jar ?

  7. What are Toppers ?

  8. Can't fit everything into the jar & think you've made a mistake?

  9. Where can I buy Jars ?

 There are a number of ways to decorate your Gifts in a Jar.

1.) I can't find any mix recipes to use, what do I do?

In the left hand column you will see a long list of mix recipes in various categories. To turn these recipes into well received gifts, simply follow the directions and attach a pretty tag or label with the instructions for "finishing" the recipe.


2.) How long will the Mix last ?

Most mixes should be used within 3-6months. We do not recommend keeping them for long term storage. For example, cookie mixes, when stored for too long, tend to dry out a bit. If a mix contains an item that is normally refrigerated (parmesean cheese) then it needs to be used immediately. Usually this isn't a problem once the gift is given however, as these delicious mixes are hard to ignore!


3.) What are Mug Mixes ?

Mug mixes are individual serving sizes that are cooked & served right in a coffee mug. They are also known as cup mixes. These mixes are the perfect size for the elderly, college students, teens & tweens who are looking for a snack after school.


4.) Where can I buy Jars ?

Jars are pretty easy to find at your local Wal-mart, Target, or Farmers Union/Feed Supply Store. Oftentimes we have seen jars available at the hardware store as well. If you can't locate jars, don't worry. Visit our Presentation Page to view lots of great ideas for presenting your Gift Mixes!


5.) What Size jar do I use ?

A Quart size jar will hold 4-5 cups of mix. (You will need to compress layers like brown sugar to fit 5 cups). A pint size jar will hold about 2 cups of mix. You can view your recipe and add up the amount of ingredients to get a general idea of whether your jar is large enough.


6.) Do I have to use a Jar ?

 While jars make lovely gifts, they are often expensive to mail, or harder to find during the winter months.  For different ideas try various types of bags, boxes, tins, and other pretty containers. Simply attach a tag or label explaining how to "Finish" the mix. For additional gift container ideas Click Here.

7.) What are Toppers ?

 Toppers are cards that fold over the tops of your bags. They can be used as a label, include instructions, the name of the recipe, etc. You can View Free Printable Toppers here.


8.) What kind of Mix recipes should I make? ?

 This depends entirely on you & the intended recipient. We offer nearly 1,000 free mix recipes on our sister site .

Example: Create a Southwestern Theme by filling a sombrero hat with a cornbread mix & Chili Mix. Spice it up by adding some hot pepper seasoning. For hundreds of Gift basket ideas, Click here.



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  Kitchen & Jar Gift Ideas