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Huge Free Resource of Ideas for Gift in a Jar, Kitchen Mixes, Mug Mixes, Gift Basket Meals, Homemade Cosmetics, Bath & Body Recipes, and preparation Ideas that wont empty your pocketbook! Welcome to KitchenMixGifts , Gift Ideas you can make right in your own Kitchen!

Make Your Own Toppers & Gag Gifts

Ideas for Using Toppers


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Print your Own Toppers

Presentation is everything! Using your computer you can print beautiful, unique Toppers for Gifts from your Kitchen. Whether they are individual beverage mixes, Survival Kits or gag gift ideas, these toppers add color and will bring a smile to those receiving them.
How do I use the toppers?
There are several ways to use these fun toppers. Once you click on them you can Right Click & Choose Save. Save them onto your computer. 
 **(please do not repost them to your own site!)**
  1. Print them on Cardstock, cut them out, fold them over the top of your baggie.
  2. Staple them to seal the top or hot glue under the fold and seal. (Hot glue prevents the receiver from being able to keep the topper if they desire, so choose wisely.
  3. Most of these Toppers require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open. (Printing Questions)
Choose a Gift & Topper Template Package Your Gift & Print Topper based on the baggie size
Step #1 Step #2 Step #3


Ideas for Using the Toppers
Think Mix recipes are the only uses for toppers? Not So! Check out these fun Ideas:
  1. Crafty Survival Kits for all Occasions
  2. Gag Gift Ideas
  3. Beverage Mixes
  4. Seasoning Mixes
  5. Dip Mixes
  6. Single Serving Mixes
Gag Gift Toppers




All Natural Bubble Bath Gag Gift Topper Christmas Cookies Gag Gift Topper Grinch Toots Gag Gift Topper MYO Furniture Gag Gift Topper
Reindeer Food Gag Gift Topper Reindeer Noses Gag Gift Topper Santa Key Gag Gift Topper Snowman Poop Gag Gift Topper
View More Gag Gifts
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  2. Shrink Oversize pages to paper size
  3. Print to File
Be sure that the following boxes DO have check marks in them:
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