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Huge Free Resource of Ideas for Gift in a Jar, Kitchen Mixes, Mug Mixes, Gift Basket Meals, Homemade Cosmetics, Bath & Body Recipes, and preparation Ideas that wont empty your pocketbook! Welcome to KitchenMixGifts , Gift Ideas you can make right in your own Kitchen!

Gift Container Ideas

Step 1: Various Container Ideas:
Creating & Decorating Jar Gifts Tissue paper wrap w/ Label- perfect for shipping Bowls-great for cookie/brownie mixes Buckets of all shapes & szs
Single Mix Packets Mug & Cups of all sizes Kids Play Buckets Baskets of all shapes
  Spa & Bath Baskets Metal Pails Take-Out Containers Wooden Crates
Colander- Pasta Baskets Plastic Caddy- great for bath/spa Great for Movie boxes- Can get these at rest. supply stores rather cheap! Great for Movie boxes- Can get these at rest. supply stores rather cheap!

Step 2: Various Filler Ideas:

So now you've chosen a container to place your mix gifts (of gift basket Items) in.. but the container is just a bit too big. Here are some suggestions for various fillers that you can use! Simple shred various colors of construction paper, use hole punches to make confetti, etc.

Tissue Paper Crinkle Shredded Paper Colored Raffia Natural Raffia

Step 3: Putting it all Together


MYO Crinkle Shredded Filler

1 Piece Construction Paper Fold accordion style (like a fan) Unfold Shred


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  Kitchen & Jar Gift Ideas